Twentyfourten website — now a lot smarter

April 3, 2012

Twentyfourten website - now a lot smarter

We wanted to offer more … be even more useful

We thought that our old single page web­site approach was good (and it was) it served us well for a couple of years without an update. Pop-up light box pages meant vis­it­ors didn’t have to lose the will to live in a maze of sub pages — allow­ing our info to be given quickly while the homepage could stay in focus behind those boxes full of information.

But things felt too static, we didn’t feel act­ive enough with what we had to say!

“With Twenty­four­ten you can now explore a whole host of design pos­sib­il­it­ies and drastic­ally improve your online presence”.

A more pro-active philosophy

By util­ising Social Net­work­ing chan­nels we can now make our web­site into an even bet­ter exper­i­ence. We can now push both our own reg­u­lar com­pany News and wider gen­eral web devel­op­ment Insights out to our cus­tom­ers which lets us inspire and enlighten them dir­ectly about new pos­sib­il­it­ies, which can in turn ensure that their web­sites are work­ing for and enga­ging with their own audi­ences bet­ter than ever.

Our inform­a­tion out to you — quickly

Fol­low us on Twit­ter and Face­book and let us bring our inform­a­tion to you as soon as it appears on the web­site. Need­less to say, if you join the Twenty­four­ten Mail­ing List we aren’t going to bug you or bom­bard you with end­less and point­less stor­ies, we’ll just be send­ing out a brief catch up from the News and Insights sec­tions of the web­site that you might have missed.

At Twenty­four­ten we’ve never been pushy, we find it a turn off ourselves when pro­viders push Ser­vices to us, and so that’s some­thing we have never done.

How­ever, we do recog­nise too that there are devel­op­ments, ideas and con­cepts that come along to the ever-changing world of web design that we should make our cus­tom­ers more aware of and pass on our know­ledge of what’s pos­sible; either with new and use­ful tech­no­lo­gies or just where things are point­ing towards with online trends. If our cus­tom­ers don’t want to change a thing — that’s fine, we’d just like to raise our game in show­ing an aware­ness of what can be achieved and what’s hap­pen­ing for web site owners.

We’re excited about being more pro­act­ive and even more use­ful to our cus­tom­ers by build­ing this new ver­sion of the web­site to allow that to happen!

Article by Simon Knight

Simon Knight is Art Director at Twentyfourten Ltd. A Web Designer since the late nineties he has survived framesets, tables, ticker banners, Flash splash pages and spinning e-Mail '@' symbols - though he dearly misses the 'clunk-clunk-weeeeee-clang-clang' whine of a 56K dial-up connection.

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